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By Joining the NPSAA you are automatically giving your athletes access to top-of-the-line training, development, and competition opportunities in Canada. Share into over 12 years of experience and expertise to help your athletes develop their game.


Have one of your athletes be the next in a long list of success stories that range from hundreds of NCAA Division 1 Players to NBA First Round Draft Picks, developed and guided by the same people who are now bringing you the NPSAA.


From first-class game and event management to a professional online presence, by joining the NPSAA you are attaching a standard of excellence to your program that will instantly transform and improve your image.

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  • Professional Online Player Profile
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  • Remote & Onsite Testing and Evaluations
  • Recruiting Communications
  • Direct Communication with Scouts
  • College Coaches Contact Lists
  • Family Consultations
  • Mentoring and Recruiting Consulting
  • Game Recap Writers, NPSAA TV Highlights
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  • Certified Tournament and Combine Listings
  • Certified Trainers, Coaches, and Teams
  • Player Evaluation Scores

The National Prep School Athletic Association (NPSAA) will be making the return to the North American Basketball Courts for the 2021-2022 basketball season. The NPSAA will be running the NPSAA Prep Basketball League, with sessions for conferences in Canada, the Caribbean, and the USA. Each conference will give teams the opportunity to compete in the NPSAA Global Championship session to be held in Phoenix at the end of the season.

The NPSAA represents the best basketball talent of high school athletes around the world and plays against top-level competition with the opportunity for student-athletes to show their skills on a globally streamed on NPSAA TV for parents, coaches, clubs, and sporting organizations to see around the world.

Along with the competitive nature of the league and NPSAA TV, players also have access to creating an online profile on the Elite1 Recruiting & Evaluation platform.

Premiere Basketball Court Facility

All games will be played in top-quality facilities such as Skillz Basketball Lab in Vaughan at Canada’s premier facility for basketball.


NPSAA Streaming service is set up to promote teams and players to coaches looking at players and for players to have recordings of their play throughout the season. 

 Streamed Games Worldwide Player Profiles  Game Highlights Access to game Downloads Coach access to game film Family & Friends Access to Games 

NPSAA Canadian Championship Showcase 

This Showcase is the National Championship with the best teams to play in the National Canadian Championship.    Finalists from the National Canadian Championship can play in the NPSAA Global Championship in March in Phoenix, Az.  

Covid Protocols in effect.  All people entering the gym including coaches, players, and managers must be double vaccinated, show ID and proof of vaccination to enter the facility. For more information on the league, please download the team packages.

Showcase Package information 

Elite 1 Recruiting Profile

Players in the league have access to create an Elite1 Recruiting & Evaluation profile. The Elite 1 Recruiting Service is a global basketball recruiting platform with consultants from countries all over the world. All our Elite 1 Consultants contribute to the evaluation of players and are trained to evaluate players live and on video, verify statistics and profile information and provide written feedback using our proprietary percentile ranking system.
Elite 1 Recruiting Service is designed to empower athletes with resources to take control of their recruiting process and enhance the ability to promote themselves to coaches and scouts. Although you can sign up and create a profile that can be seen by coaches and scouts for free, we have excellent paid recruiting resources and services that can really make the difference when searching for a basketball scholarship or professional contract.
Coaches from all levels are permitted access and follow players they are interested in seeing more from overtime. Consistent updates always help while using the platform. The Elite1 recruiting & Evaluations is an NCAA-approved service.