General Rules

  • The game will consist of two halves – 16 min stop time halves
  • Warm-up time before each game will be 3-5 minutes.
  • Half time will be 3 minutes long.
  • Game time is forfeit time with 4 players required to begin a game
  • If the point spread is twenty or more points with 5 minutes or less in the second half, we will revert to running time.     Stop time will restart if the point spread returns to under 20.  
  • Teams must all have the same color jersey with number.
  • A player or coach receiving 2 technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the current game.
  • Coaches will oversee their parents and players sportsmanship and will remove the parent at the request of the Officials.
  • Canada – FIBA Rules apply to all games.  
  • USA – Federation/Highschool Rules apply to all games.  
  • 24 Second Shot clock will be used for Varsity games where the equipment is available.
  • Covid Protocols in effect. All people entering the gym including coaches, players and managers must be double vaccinated, show ID and proof of vaccination to enter the facility.

NPSAA will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike-like conduct from anybody for any reason.

Time Outs

  • Two (2) Thirty (30) second time out in the first half
  • Three (3) Twenty (30) seconds time out in the second half
  • Regulation play time outs do not carry over to over time. 


  • Each overtime period including “sudden death” will begin with a jump ball
  • One new time out per overtime period; team and personal fouls will carry over from regulation play.
  • Regulation play time outs do not carry over to over time. 
  • First overtime period will be 3 minutes, stop time during time out only
  • Second overtime period will be 2 minutes long, stop time during time out only
  • Third Overtime period will be “Sudden Death” (first point wins)

Roster Rules

All Players must be on the roster list to participate

​Regular Season:

The regular season will consist of regular-season games with the eight games (playoffs) guaranteed for every team. Teams will play 2-4 -games each time they are scheduled for league play. The regular-season record will count towards the team’s overall playoff seeding. League tiebreakers will be determined by the following.


Play-off round schedules will be selected by each team’s seed placing- (regular season standings). The top 8 teams will be seeded and play in a single-elimination playoff bracket.   The league convenor will have the option to adjust bracket play without notice-(tiebreakers, more or less than 8 teams in a certain division, etc.).

  • Winner of the head-to-head game.
  • Point differential in all games

Please leave the bench as quickly as possible and clear all items from the bench.   Each team is responsible for cleaning the bench area after games.   Once the team leaves, the bench will be disinfected, and the incoming team can take over.  

Player Protest Procedure:

Any protest of eligibility must be made before the conclusion of the game. In the case of an eligibility protest, rosters will be on site. Coaches will be required to have a copy of their roster on site. The Player(s) in question must have proof of age/grade at the time of the protest to verify their eligibility.  If a protest of eligibility is upheld, the violating team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player(s) participated. The player(s) in question will not be able to play in the age group in question. NPSAA rulings are final. Protests of eligibility not covered in this rule shall be handled by the Site Convenor. Player protest cost is $50 per player. If the protest is upheld, the $50 fee will be returned. To initiate a player protest, contact the Site Convenor, present the $50 payment, team name, jersey number, and name of the player in question.

The NPSAA follows the most recent set of International Basketball Federation rules. For more information on the rules, please refer to the respective site.

Canada – current FIBA rulebook.

USA – National Federation of Stae HighSchool Associations